MALCOLM X: By Whatever Means Necessary

Malcolm X was a well respected speaker and political activist when he was assassinated by agents and factions of the United States government. There exists much evidence that proves the FBI had a special interest in the actions of Malcolm X. Through the FBI’s Cointelpro counter intelligence program many attempts were made to discredit his work and disrupt his fight for equality and basic human rights. Malcolm X died fighting for the freedom of his fellow African-Americans and this story takes you on an emotional journey through one of the most chaotic passages of American history. The United States government has continued its attack on certain cultural groups within communities and has a long record of using its intelligence agencies to disrupt political dissent and this documentary provides much evidence of this. Topics discussed include the life and times of Malcolm X, FBI and the Hoover years, Cointelpro tactics, FBI testimonies, Iran Contra scandal and Rick Ross, MLK and many rare interviews gathered into one video source providing overwhelming evidence of guilt on behalf of certain elements of the US govern-mental system. -Originally a part of the EVIDENCE OF MURDER SERIES originally created in 2010. For DVD versions please send a private message and dont forget to subscribe to Mark Howitt for more video updates. This information NEEDS to be common knowledge. Thanks for watching