WARNING – You are living in a False Utopia

Over the years, impassioned speeches have spanned this world to bring “oneness” to mankind’s ancient problem of war and disunity in the form of a NEW WORLD ORDER. But most people still don’t realize that it’s a direct path to death and hell, the broad way of a depraved and rebellious world that wants to do it “their way”, a great, godless gathering of all peoples, nations, tongues and tribes to form a false utopia in their grand delusion that features no heaven, no hell and no accountability before the Creator of our souls, all wrapped up in a pretty picture of world harmony. What these “leaders” fail to tell you is that it will cost you your soul, since it is a world order that refuses to accept and acknowledge God as sovereign, but instead they will force THEMSELVES as your master in the form of A WORLD GOVERNMENT where THE MARK OF SATAN will be forced on everyone in order to buy, sell and survive. There’s no hiding place. Anyone that refuses to obey this satanic “order” will be killed, starting with CHRISTIANS, who are already being crucified in the Middle East. That is why Jesus said he who keeps his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will find it. In this video I will show you how they are manipulating you, setting the stage for this satanic “new world”, and just how rapidly it is shaping up. God Bless, TSTV