Guest Post: Introduction to Janet


As the new Freejack TV channel and website launches, my hope is that everyone keeps an open mind.

We are living through unprecedented times and it’s anyone’s guess as to what happens next. There are so many theories going around along with too much “False News”.

Which leads me to the million dollar question,”WHAT THE HELL IS REALLY GOING ON”?

From what I’ve seen, know, experienced and am still learning, there is obviously a secret agenda, a grand plan in place.

Like a jigsaw puzzle that a child has played with,there are missing pieces and without those pieces we can’t get the full picture.

So,we try to fill in the empty spaces with our imagination and knowledge to get the full effect of the finished puzzle.

This is what I hope we can accomplish together.Knowledge is power.Without it,we’re walking in the dark.With it,we see  much more clearly and can see things as they really are.

Unfortunately, there are many that would rather close their eyes.

They can get on with their lives everyday and believe we’re all going to slide down on rainbows with pink cotton candied clouds above us and everything is going to turn out just fine.

And then there are “Us”.

We’ve learned too much and can no longer look the other way and probably wouldn’t even if we could!

That’s me and that’s why I’m here. Today is just an introduction.

So,welcome and let me shake your hand before I hold onto it and lead you through some unsettling territories.

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