Tell me more about Redemption Codes?

Once per¬†month our content producers receive an allotment of “Gift Codes” known as “Redemption Codes”. These codes are each redeemable for a 1 year +Plus membership (valued at $79.99 USD).

You may sell or distribute these codes in anyway you please.

For example you can:

  • Sell them in your online store
  • Sell them via PayPal, money order or check (or BitCoin)
  • Sell them at conferences and other events
  • Use them as promotional items for your show/film/marketing

When selling Redemption Codes you can not discount the codes any more than $20.   This insures that all hosts & film makers have equal access to sales.

Each code is valid as long as your content is displayed on FreeJack TV.   You accumulate new codes each month and have access to any unused codes in your membership panel.

When a Redemption Code is activated the user has 365 days of service.    At the end of that period they can purchase another Redemption Code from you and activate another 1 year membership.

If you choose to remove your content from our network all Redemption Codes will remain active for 90 days.   At which time any unused codes will be purged from our system.