Mission Statement

In 2016 it became increasingly clear that YouTube, Facebook, Google and the other large social media platforms were aiming to silence the Alternative Media. ¬† Our voices are dangerous because we don’t follow along with the narratives that are forced on the public.

Having already accumulated a large following of loyal fans as well as a network of hosts, film makers and artists that have come together to make FreeJack TV the massive platform that it has become.

Who are the Contributors?

We provide a simple to use platform for independent journalists, film makers and talk show hosts to broadcast to their fans without any sort of restriction on speech or content.  We welcome all view points including ones that may conflict with other voices on the network.

Who is the demographic?

If we had a “average” viewer, they would be between 34-50 year old. ¬† Men and women both seem to enjoy our content so our audience is split about 50/50 between the genders.

How many people do you reach?

As of writing this we have 200,000 Roku installs and 10,000 Amazon FireTV installs.   We also have a large YouTube and Facebook presence.

How do you fund this channel?

Since YouTube began blacklisting our content and forcing us to find other methods of funding the work we do.   Now we take multiple options from Roku & Amazon subscriptions as well as Advertisements during our videos in order to pay for our equipment and servers.

Do you sell customer data to 3rd party sources?

NEVER!  Nope, no way no how.   In fact we give you access to delete your account at any time which removes ALL traces of your account.   We also purge our backup systems routinely to insure that your details are safe.

Is FreeJack TV actually secure?

It sure is!   We operate all communications across encrypted channels and monitor for any sort of suspicious activity on the network.  This end to end encryption helps keep your details complete secure.

Secondly, we only take limited information on our end.   The only details we require are your email address and name.

For payments on subscriptions and rentals we use 3rd party services such as Roku, Amazon, PayPal, etc.   This way we never have access to your payment information thus making it 100% secure against unauthorized activity within our control.

Do you take donations?

No!  In fact, we have never asked for any sort of donation.   If you are going to give us your hard earned money, we expect to give you the best product we possibly can.

However, in the near future we are considering going on a fund-raising drive to buy equipment for some of our other studios and that would count as a donation.

Want to know more?  Check out our FAQ