Alexandra Sullivan

Alexandra Sullivan is the co-creator and cohost of Pacific Northweird. She was born and raised in Centralia, Washington, and has had an interest in the strange, paranormal, and occult since an early age, including seeing a vision of the Virgin Mary at age 5. Alex met Vince in her late teens and they became close friends while Alex was attending St. Martin’s University in Lacey, WA for a Political Science degree. Pacific Northweird was the brainchild of Vince and Alex’s absurdist, humorous take on the topics discussed on Coast2Coast AM. Alex currently lives in Seattle, Washington, and looks forward to continue her search into the fringes of science and belief.

What cryptid would Alex consider dating? “Mothman. Something about those glowing red eyes….”

What is Alex’s favorite “spooky” song? “Alex was big into Witch house when it was a thing, so prolly Salem’s King Night”

Favorite cocktail? “Alex likes vodka sodas with bitters, please supply her with these generously thx”