James Arthur Jancik

James Arthur Jancik is known as the “Black Knight” of Talk Radio ! . As host of two weekly¬†radio shows, James demonstrates his versatility in handling different show formats, switching easily between insightful, thought-provoking interviews and discussion, and playful banter and humorous commentary.

As a long time listener of Art Bell, James was inspired to take his computer, engineering and sound production skills along with his conversational and investigative abilities and develop a new venue. The week after Art retired at the end of 2002, James launched “Feet To The Fire”, a weekly, live, 4 hour talk show that explores the sciences, the spiritual and the paranormal.

With a multifaceted and fast paced formula of personal musings, rotational ‚Äėspecial‚Äô guests on¬†topics of emerging interests, a health and healing segment, and two weekly featured guests, the show has attracted a loyal following.