Episode 7 – Onward Into The Unknown

Self documented with nothing but an I-Phone, “The “March of Freedom” is a reality show based on the experience of an individual who had enough and wanted to see a change the world. He left his life behind with $8 in his pocket to walk across Eastern Canada and spread awareness about important issues that are facing humanity. The March of Freedom is a reality show unlike any other, and there was no film or support crew, just the journey of one man who said enough is enough in an effort to help humanity and future generations. A reality show about our reality. Join Mark Howitt on this incredible journey of awakening, determination, and personal heartfelt experiences. Learn some of the most important issues that we face and hidden truths that will have an impact on humanity for generations to come. Just how much can one person do to make a difference to change the world? Find out on the March of Freedom.

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