CERN 101: Anthony Patch

Anthony Patch breaks down CERN, what it does and why it’s so dangerous to the future of human kind and planet earth.

MK Agriculture

Clyde Lewis presents information that proves that the populations of the world are being dumbed down and controlled by our food system.

The Mothman

In this classic Ground Zero Lounge, veteran presenter Clyde Lewis breaks down the Mothman.

Virus Technology

Clyde Lewis breaks down Virus Technology on this classic remaster of Ground Zero Lounge

Freeman Fly and Rex Church

This classic Ground Zero Lounge has been remastered from a really bad copy, but Rex and Freeman do such an eloquent job we decided to include this one in the archive.

Prelude To Roswell

Prelude To Roswell, Clyde Lewis Ground Zero Lounge live at The Paradise Sports Bar Portland Oregon. Videos From The Underground.