Episode 114 – A tale of Human Trafficking at the hands of former Khmer

Richard Cranor returns to the Jungle Apocalypse to talk about his run in with human traffickers in Cambodia. He has written a book about his experience called “One Night in Poipet”. We also deleve into other subjects such as Donald Trump, Control and the illusion of North American society.

All Lives Do Not Matter in the Summer of Rage

Mr. Gates of the Haterazzi podcast returns to the Jungle Apocalypse to talk about the recent increase of tension between various races and how it’s all being pushed by traditional media combined with social media which in turn is mimicked in popular culture.

Searching for the Star Leaf

Directory Richard Cranor swings by to discuss his new movie “Star Leaf” and how to make good films on a micro-budget.

Hunting The Watchers

L.A. Marzulli swings by to talk about his film series, Watchers, and the new addition to that series called “Watchers 9”. In this interview we talk about the giant skulls found around the globe, the darkness enveloping the world and a bunch of his other research.