FreeJack TV making more changes…

First, I want to say thank you so much for all your continued support for making this network a success.   It’s amazing to watch us grow and it’s all because of you!

I’ve been on a bit of a vacation since the end of June.   It was time for me to recharge and refocus on the network.

That’s not to say I haven’t been working though!

Over the summer I’ve been having lots of chats with our content partners, long time subscribers and other people involved with the network.

The question was, how do I expand the network while cutting my work load down a bit. I love you folks, but 18 hour days for 10 months a year over the last 3 years has really run me down.

Here is the plan on how…

1 – Bring all channels under one network banner & paying for all this sh*t

I operate 3 channels (soon to be 5).   Conspiracy Channel, FreeJack TV and DarkSpace TV all fly under my business name of Rovidx Media.    To make things simpler I will be combing all of them into one umbrella network (FreeJack TV Network or FTVN in shortform).

Don’t worry, you as a viewer don’t have to do anything and will receive the same content!

Secondly I’m eliminating the “Rentals” section and replacing it with a new Podcast section with a brand new audio player.

And finally we will be only providing a “Ad supported” and “Plus Subscription” services from here on out.

2 – Pick our platforms to focus on

It seems every day we are getting requests to add support for new devices.   The problem is they all have their little differences and nuances that make it really time consuming to provide apps on every platform.

I have decided that from here on out we will only focus on the top 3 media streaming devices.    As of September 2017, those are:

  1. Roku
  2. Amazon’s FireTV
  3. Any device that runs Android TV (including GoogleCast support)

At some point if we grow enough, we may add more devices if the demand is there.

3 – Live Channels and Studio Spaces

The first 4 years of this network where dedicated to creating a video on-demand library of suppressed talk shows and documentaries.   Now that I am finally happy with our system it is time to focus on phase 2…  Studio Spaces & Live Streaming.

Our software is ready for “Live” channels, but we have no space to film them.   After looking at the money situation, the only way we could do it would be to have a donation drive.

With the money received we will be funding the creation of 3 studio spaces (1 US, 1 Canadian and 1 UK/Europe) and paying for the bandwidth necessary to provide live video.

Watch for an announcement coming later this month!


Running this network is a dream come true for me.   I have always wanted to provide suppressed information to the masses so to run FreeJack, Conspiracy Channel and DarkSpace is truly living my passion.

I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!


Important notice for Roku +Plus Subscribers

When launching the new Freejack TV app follow these steps to upgrade your subscription:

  1. Open the Freejack TV app (formerly known as the Conspiracy Channel app)
  2. Select “Create a Free Account”
  3. Restart the app

That’s it!   We’ve kept it really simple for you!

Cool new features to know about:

  • You can now use your email address and selected password to login to the website and access all the +Plus bonus features
  • You now can resume your video where you left off on ALL platforms (Web, Chromecast, Airplay)
  • You have full access to our private social network and forums

… and there is more to come.   Stay tuned!


Welcome to FreeJack TV – The Home of Alternative Media

For years we in the alternative media have struggled against censorship from the platforms we broadcast on.

Now YouTube, Facebook and Google are all targeting our views as “extremist” or “fake news”.

Up until now these platforms would just delete your account.   This resulted in us creating multiple accounts to still disseminate our views.

As they realized this was a waste of time, their next move was to quietly “hide” our content and squeeze off the meager income that is derived from advertising shares.

Now the advertisers themselves are organizing to choke off any sort of monetary compensation for their ads appearing on our work.

I predicted this years ago…

In 2011 we had a massive increase in traffic to our YouTube channel.   We started climbing the ranks to become the #12 channel in Canada and we’re starting to bring in about $300 per month for advertising.

I was extremely excited that this would help buy the equipment we needed to start making some semi-professional productions.

It was all looking good, so I decided to put the equipment on my credit card and pay it off with the YouTube money.

No sooner had the equipment arrived on my doorstep, I noticed our ad revenue had a big a drop.   They had demonetized one of the bigger videos due to copyright strikes.   This wasn’t a case of us using copyrighted material, it was that someone had obtained a copyright on public domain content.   We had used an audio clip from Bill Cooper and someone was claiming they owned it.

So this ended up delaying a lot of plans we had.  We had great equipment but no revenue coming in.

This pattern repeated for the next 3 years. I even went as far as licensing 100% of the content with written consent, only to have YouTube pull the ads off the videos again and again.

By 2014 we had started building an alternative platform to host our videos without the fear of YouTube removing our content without any notice.

Conspiracy Channel is born…

After a lot of research and testing I found that I could start a Roku channel using most of the the equipment we already had.  I decided it was worth it to have a backup system and maybe even a few new viewers.

In that first year we surged to 50,000 installs and a tonne of daily visitors.

Since that time we have consistently grown by 50,000 installs per year and as of launching this website we have now crossed 200,000 installs!

We started reaching out to the other content producers out there and offered them space on our system.

In 2015 we started offering a +Plus membership to help support the growth of the system.   In 2016 we upgraded our Roku app to the latest technology and launched a new FireTV app with subscriptions.

Now 2017 is here and we are making our biggest changes ever…

New Name, New Platform…

For over a year we have been planning to expand our platform to allow more content creators to join us in fighting back against YouTube.

On June 1st, 2017 we will be publishing our latest update to our Roku app.   This is probably the biggest update we’ve ever done.   Our entire backend system was re-engineered to have more content while delivering it faster. In current test we are seeing about a 75% decrease in load times.  Wow!

The new Roku app has some great new features as well:

  • You can create a free account or login directly with the app
  • A new Live TV & Radio section (my favorite addition)
  • Redesigned user interface that makes it easier to browse content
  • New “Watch Later” cue and recommendation engine
  • Streamlined purchases for Rentals and +Plus subscriptions

A Note for FireTV users:

At some point we will be moving our FireTV app over to the new system as well.   Unfortunately, we do not have an Android coder to help out so we may need to pay someone to build it.   Until we get this figured out, the Fire TV app will remain known as “Conspiracy Channel” and we will be launching a secondary app for FreeJack TV that contains our Free content with advertising.

Final thoughts….

We are now in the finally stretches of development and hope to have the Roku app and Web portal available on June 1st, 2017.   Once we have the bugs worked out, we will be adding new features almost monthly.

One cool feature that I have been working on will allow us to notify you of major events (war, apocalyptic scenario, world news, etc) while watching content on our system.    We hope to have it out this fall, but it will depend on how the rest of the development goes.

Turn On.  Boot Up. Jack In.

The Revolution will be televised…