FreeJack TV making more changes…

First, I want to say thank you so much for all your continued support for making this network a success.   It’s amazing to watch us grow and it’s all because of you!

I’ve been on a bit of a vacation since the end of June.   It was time for me to recharge and refocus on the network.

That’s not to say I haven’t been working though!

Over the summer I’ve been having lots of chats with our content partners, long time subscribers and other people involved with the network.

The question was, how do I expand the network while cutting my work load down a bit. I love you folks, but 18 hour days for 10 months a year over the last 3 years has really run me down.

Here is the plan on how…

1 – Bring all channels under one network banner & paying for all this sh*t

I operate 3 channels (soon to be 5).   Conspiracy Channel, FreeJack TV and DarkSpace TV all fly under my business name of Rovidx Media.    To make things simpler I will be combing all of them into one umbrella network (FreeJack TV Network or FTVN in shortform).

Don’t worry, you as a viewer don’t have to do anything and will receive the same content!

Secondly I’m eliminating the “Rentals” section and replacing it with a new Podcast section with a brand new audio player.

And finally we will be only providing a “Ad supported” and “Plus Subscription” services from here on out.

2 – Pick our platforms to focus on

It seems every day we are getting requests to add support for new devices.   The problem is they all have their little differences and nuances that make it really time consuming to provide apps on every platform.

I have decided that from here on out we will only focus on the top 3 media streaming devices.    As of September 2017, those are:

  1. Roku
  2. Amazon’s FireTV
  3. Any device that runs Android TV (including GoogleCast support)

At some point if we grow enough, we may add more devices if the demand is there.

3 – Live Channels and Studio Spaces

The first 4 years of this network where dedicated to creating a video on-demand library of suppressed talk shows and documentaries.   Now that I am finally happy with our system it is time to focus on phase 2…  Studio Spaces & Live Streaming.

Our software is ready for “Live” channels, but we have no space to film them.   After looking at the money situation, the only way we could do it would be to have a donation drive.

With the money received we will be funding the creation of 3 studio spaces (1 US, 1 Canadian and 1 UK/Europe) and paying for the bandwidth necessary to provide live video.

Watch for an announcement coming later this month!


Running this network is a dream come true for me.   I have always wanted to provide suppressed information to the masses so to run FreeJack, Conspiracy Channel and DarkSpace is truly living my passion.

I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!