Technocracy and Trilateral Commision

HD Video interview recorded “live” for later Feet to the Fire Radio broadcast on Saturday May16th 2015 with author, researcher Patrick Wood. Many have mulled over who (or what group) is pulling the strings of world politics and banking and nominated several suspects. Zionist, Jesuits, Bankers, Oligarchs, Communists/Socialists, The Windsors, etc. Patrick acknowledges all the aforementioned have their own power and agendas. Byt the groups at the top, play all the rest, is the Trilateral Commission with their doctrine of Technocracy. n 1978, Wood com­menced pub­li­ca­tion of The Tri­lat­eral Observer (TO), to specif­i­cally track and doc­u­ment the activ­i­ties of The Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sion, which was then seen to be the very core of elitism and multi-nationalism in the United States and abroad. TO was co-edited by Pro­fessor Antony Sutton, for­merly a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Insti­tu­tion for War, Peace and Rev­o­lu­tion at Stan­ford University. Wood and Sutton co-authored two suc­ces­sive book vol­umes, Tri­lat­erals Over Wash­ington — Volume I and Tri­lat­erals Over Wash­ington — Volume II. Tri­lat­erals Over Wash­ington quickly became a best-seller and over the course of about two years, sold over 75,000 copies inter­na­tion­ally. The books were very well received for excel­lent schol­ar­ship and orig­inal research, and even became a frequently-used text­book in polit­ical sci­ence classes at many col­leges in U.S. universities. In his latest work, “Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation” traces Technocracy from it’s infancy in the 1930’s to its adoption by the Trilateral Commission whose members are found in an alarmingly high percentage of world leadership positions who seek to establish and enforce its tenets globally. In this interview Patrick presents convincing evidence on the whos and the whys in the current world political and monetary upheaval and what are the goals. The “when” is obvious. It is NOW. “The dark horse of the New World Order is not Communism, Socialism or Fascism. It is Technocracy” – Patrick Wood

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