The story begins…

Oprah calls it the ” A ha ” moment. People with addictions call it “A moment of clarity “. Whatever you want to call it, there usually comes a moment in our livesĀ  that sneaks up on us like a mugger, and nothing for you is ever the same.

I’ve had many of these moments.

This is my story whether you choose to believe it or not, it really happened.

I’ll give you a Readers digest version of my early life. I was put up for adoption at birth and was adopted at six weeks old.

I have very little information on my biological parents and Alameda county has given me three separate versions on my circumstances and family background. Even my adoptive mom gave me two very different renditions on my adoption.

As strange and deceptive as that all is, I came into this side show, that we call our world,being different. I saw and continue to see to this day, colors.

Colors around people, places and things. I also didn’t speak until well after two years of age and when I did dip my toes in that pool, I spoke so quickly that it scared my mom half to death! Being the good Catholic she was, she thought I could be possessed. She had me seen at Stanford hospital within the hour.

The doctors told her that my mind was quicker than my mouth,to put it crudely! It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to you to hear that my life has always been strange in every way. And yes,I was told NEVER to speak of what I saw with my own, very abnormal eyes.

Because of the way I could see differently, I quickly learned what each color meant, if they over lapped there were reasons for that etc.When this is the way you see and it’s so difficult to describe and put into words for people to understand, believe me when I say it’s a direct line to another dimension, almost forbidden. My life was never normal but I sure as hell became a great actress trying to convince everyone it was.

What happened between 1987-1995, I can honestly say I was ill equipped for.

A demonically haunted house, UFO activity, the evils of our government and ultimately the end of everything we were taught to believe. I’ve only told this story a few times on Internet radio shows. My husband and daughter have no problem talking about it among ourselves and helped with the radio interviews. My son, however, is still scarred from the experience to an extent and will only talk about it if necessary.

It will take many articles, in sequence, to re-live this with me.

But be forewarned, YOUR Way of seeing life will never be the same either.

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