Uruguay: Digital Registration for a License to Smoke Cannabis

Pot-heads around the world rejoiced that Uruguay was legalizing the possession of cannabis, the devil is in the details.

Though the price will be highly accessible, only $1.30 per gram compared with $3 on the street, consumers must register with the government first. They will then be required to identify themselves with a digital thumb scan to withdraw their weekly maximum of 10g. h/t The Guardian

Much like Canada’s upcoming legislation, this is a move for control by the government. ¬†We all know that the drug war has failed and the “deep state” knows it too.

What we are now seeing is a change in tactics. ¬† People who consume¬†cannabis generally have little regard for institutions. ¬†Now there is an easy way for the government to identify those of us that are more “subversive”.


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