Incoming Roku App Update…

After discovering in December that our app was suffering from some significant bugs I started working on a brand new system that would replace our aging and outdated system.

An hour ago I submitted the Roku app based on this new system.    So what’s new?

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Totally redesigned Roku app

The new app was designed from the ground up with 2 specific goals in mind.  First, it must be really easy to use and secondly it must be extremely lightweight and fast.   It was also designed to be more secure and give our viewers more privacy options.

New User Interface

Upon loading the new interface, you will see we have changed quite a bit.   Our content is now divided up in to 5 separate areas – Talk Shows, Films, Series, Rentals and Live Streams.  In each area you will find the content divided up by show/genre/series.

New “Live Stream” Area

Live streaming is finally within our grasps.   If we can reach 1,000 subscribers we will be launching a new 24 hour live streaming channel exclusively for FreeJack TV.

In order to get ready for this goal we have added a “Live Stream” area that already contains 2 live video channels ( and InfoWars) as well as selection of live audio feeds from various underground online radio stations.

Return of Rental-on-Demand

We have signed a few deals with film distributors to bring back our rental section.   Each of these films is a high quality release in every major genre.   Stay tuned for more announcements!

New Account System

With the old system accounts where complicated to use.   With the new system you are able to login with the same username and password that you use on the website.   If you own other Smart TV devices, you will be able to use the same account across all platforms (when the apps become available).

Watch on Mobile, Web & Roku ad-free with our new +Plus member features

Another annoying fact with the old system was that you need separate +Plus accounts for each platform.   As we move to the new system you will be able to use your subscriber features (Ad free viewing, Exclusive videos) on your PC/Mac, Smart Phone, Tablet or Roku device.

Other notable additions

  • We have added Closed Caption support (aka subtitle support) to our system.  Currently only a handful of content have subtitles but more are coming soon!
  • Trick-Play Support:   For the non-techie, this means when you fast-forward or rewind videos a bar containing thumbnail screenshots will appear and allow you to see where you are skipping to.   Again, this is currently limited to a small amount of content, but we will hope to have network wide support by the end of the year
  • New watch later system – You can now manage & view your cue online as well as on Roku
  • Updated purchase flow – It’s now easier than ever to upgrade to a +Plus subscription or rent a video with Roku’s in-app purchasing
  • Update resume system – When you watch a video your position is now saved in the cloud so when you watch on a different device or platform, you can continue where you left off
  • Delete your data and account – We now allow you to delete data like your “Watch History” and even your account to help protect your privacy

I’m probably forgetting a few things, but you get the picture… this is a massive update to our fight against censorship.

Don’t forget… the new app drops June 1st!  Until then you can check out a bunch of the new content here on the website.


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