Feet to the Fire LIVE! – Feb 19th 2017

Speaking on various News Stories of the weeks that caught my attention, the latest commentary from Les Visible, then an open talk and Q & A from watchers/listeners in the YouTube chat room.

Feet to the Fire LIVE! Feb 12th 2017

Tonight I will use a bit of metaphysics along with observational logic to build a world view of current events within a MATRIX-type of a physical universe. While all analogues to explain a reality we cannot fully comprehend, it has explained a lot of things happening now. Also, long time friend and reoccurring guest, psychic Jim Shultz joins us for his perspective on current events.

The Return of Dr. Miller

Dr. Richard Alan Miller Ph.D. – Open Talk 8/21/16 – A.I., Space-Time, Consciousness, Death, Cavitation, Chemtrails, Hillary/Trump, Crop Failures, Weather, Dehydration, Shift of Earth’s orbit, Planet X, Mandela Effect, Parallel Universe and possible collapse, Fear/Faith, and Affecting Reality. Everyone’s favorite Physicist former Spook and Navy Seal, Naturalist, Survivalist, Herbalist, and all around sharp guy, Richard Alan Miller returns to F2F with a two hour talk about whatever comes up; and between James And Richard, no one can guess… but it is interesting as well as entertaining.

The Coming of Negative Interest Rates and How to Protect Your Savings

Lional Parkinson may be best know for his book, “The Holy Virus”, but he has shared with F2F listeners his personal financial forecasts. He has warned about the inflated nature of Gold prices and we have seen Gold lost over $500 and once from it’s high in 2011 while other’s predicted up to $3000 to $5000 top! Tonight Lional warns us about coming Negative Interest Rates and how to protect your savings. Lional does not have a “dog in the fight” so to speak. He is offering this information free and clear to help F2F listeners prepare with what he sees is coming. He is not selling or promoting anything of personal gain; with is more that can be said for 95% of the information, newsletters, and investment organs cluttering the information super highway. There is a link to a PDF to accompany the interview with quotes and references that will be used.. This will be updated as more info is s sent to me from Lional over the upcoming months.

More Open Talk with Dr. Richard Alan Miller

Doc RAM teams up F2F host, James Arthur Jancik for what was planned as two separate video segments on topics such as. “Conversing With Your Future Self” and “We are Witnesses to the End Of Days”… but the best laid plans of mice and men.. in this case Richard and James… stray off into an open talk encompassing those two topics and many more in this one almost 2 hour video.

The Nature of Time

Dr. Richard Miller swings by to talk with James about the nature of time and reality.

The Black Star

James welcomes researcher Terrall 03 to the program to discuss his work on the theory of a our system being a binary solar-system and how this could be the “Planet X” everyone is looking for.