The Coming of Negative Interest Rates and How to Protect Your Savings

Lional Parkinson may be best know for his book, “The Holy Virus”, but he has shared with F2F listeners his personal financial forecasts. He has warned about the inflated nature of Gold prices and we have seen Gold lost over $500 and once from it’s high in 2011 while other’s predicted up to $3000 to $5000 top! Tonight Lional warns us about coming Negative Interest Rates and how to protect your savings. Lional does not have a “dog in the fight” so to speak. He is offering this information free and clear to help F2F listeners prepare with what he sees is coming. He is not selling or promoting anything of personal gain; with is more that can be said for 95% of the information, newsletters, and investment organs cluttering the information super highway. There is a link to a PDF to accompany the interview with quotes and references that will be used.. This will be updated as more info is s sent to me from Lional over the upcoming months.

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