Resonating With Reality: The Nature of God, Consciousness and Reality

Thus continues my series on the Nature of Reality. It is appears a both Real and an Illusion. It is Wonderful and Terrible. And eventually everything dies. Doesn’t sound that promising; but it is. I assert the trick to life is knowing the reality of what makes it, who makes it and why. What is our role it it. What are the recommendations from the Creator for a fruitful life. What is the physics behind the clockwork of the universe. How can we flow with (resonate) with it rather then flow away or butt heads with it. One thing I have learned… by witnessing it in my live and the lives of others; Reality Is REAL… and If you do not Get Real… you will meet, in the words of Dr. Rita Louise, The Cosmic Two-By-Four right upside your head. And the sad thing is, The Eternal’s Instructions, Clues and Grace is all around us. We are deluded and controlled by Fear Greed Envy Insecurities all cleverly crafted, feed and manipulated by those who would have our created energy serve their selfish desires. The Good News (aka Gospel) is The Ineffable, as Les Visible would call Him is intimately IN US ALL and is so humble, he will not force us to commune, but wishes us to wish to seek that communion (as opposed to the Evil One(s) who force themselves and there ways on us). His ways are soft and Loving. But the Clockwork of Reality is a different story. It turns like gargantuan wheel of infinite mass and momentum and will either propel one with unstoppable creative powers along a harmonic path of Love… or will grind them into dust within the massive gears of it’s movement No matter where you are in the Clockwork Path, there is Grace all around and Reality is created with the mechanisms to change course and get on the path at any time. But sometimes that change is, ;lets say messy. The Good News again is there on on/off ramps that, if you are listening close enuf to the Ineffable whispers, you can make those changes with the least amount of mess.. and some times, if the timing (and Grace) is right, the change is awesomely wonderful I will be talking about these Mechanisms and Clockworks and how to learn to listen for direction along to way. To recognize the signs of danger and of on/off ramps. Things. Many of which, Most of which, I learned the hard way.

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