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      As we move to a new website, name and system we have started our Roku app at the latest version number 3.7

      • New code base
      • Store Upgrade
      • Faster performance
      • Optimized for older devices
      • New Authentication System

      1. New Code Base

      The Roku app has been upgraded to SDK 2.0 (SceneGraph). All code was rewritten to bring our app to the latest standards.

      2. Store Upgrade

      In the process of upgrading to SDK 2.0 we implemented the new Roku purchase system. This allows you to easily upgrade to a +Plus membership or rent a film directly in the app.

      3. Faster Performance

      We’ve made a lot of changes to the way data flows between our back-end system and our apps. This allows our app to load extremely fast which makes your viewing experience nice and smooth.

      4. Optimized for older devices

      We heard your cries! Our new app now runs smoothly on any device with the Roku 7.6 firmware including the older Roku 2 XS & XD models.

      5. New Authentication System

      We have ditched the “Enter this code on our website” (also known as Device Linking) system in favor for a Username/Password system. You now use the same login on all devices.

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