• New Features:

    Cross platform resume videos
    Added mid roll advertisements
    Rental stats for creators

    1. Cross platform resume videos

    If you start watching on Roku and then switch to your computer, your video will continue playing where you left off. Similar to YouTube, Netflix, etc.

    2. Added mid-roll advertisements

    Videos now have an…[Read more]

  • freejacktv started the topic Roku Update 3.7 in the forum Roku Updates 7 years ago

    As we move to a new website, name and system we have started our Roku app at the latest version number 3.7

    New code base
    Store Upgrade
    Faster performance
    Optimized for older devices
    New Authentication System

    1. New Code Base

    The Roku app has been upgraded to SDK 2.0 (SceneGraph). All code was rewritten to bring our app to the…[Read more]

  • The first release of the Freejack TV website.

    New Backend System
    Temporary Front-end system

    1. New Back-end System

    We have launched our totally redesigned back-end system that serves our videos to the web and Smart TV platforms. A lot of refinements went into this system that have decreased the time to load videos by 75%. We have also…[Read more]

  • freejacktv started the topic Welcome to the loop! in the forum The Loop 7 years ago

    So forums only work if people post in them. Please join in and lets get this rolling!